Cauliflower Crust

While Italy as a whole probably disagrees with me, I made a pizza today. I love cheese. The stinkier, older, and more offensive-looking the cheese, the more I like it. This same rule does not apply to men. But I digress. I’ve heard of cauliflower crusts for awhile now, surely not a new idea in the fitness blogosphere but today I decided to join the masses and cook myself some pizza.

My roommate and I used this wonderful recipe for the crust.

And we chose to use this recipe for the toppings. We sauteed the onions and dinosaur kale in a bit of olive oil instead and the only cheese we used was the cheese in the crust. I microwaved a sweet potato, added some rosemary and almond milk to get a good consistency going.

It was a gorgeous meal. And tasted absolutely fantastic. We forgot to oil the aluminum foil so it proved a bit tricky serving the pizza but it still tasted like heaven.

And we only set the fire alarm off once. Skills yo.

We’ve already agreed that making pizza will become a weekly thing because this recipe came together so damn quickly and the ingredients are so simple. We’ve discussed a tandoori chicken version, a fig and turkey bacon variation, a dessert version with cinnamon and apples…


  1. That looks delic! And all of your future ideas sound tasty, especially the fig + turkey bacon – bet it would be awesome with some goat cheese! I’ve been meaning to try the cauliflower crust but even more so a sweet potato crust… YUM :D

    • Oh my god you’re so right, goat cheese would be an amazing addition… I’ll definitely incorporate that and update here accordingly!

  2. sarah said:

    Hey, I just found your blog. So far ..j’adore :).
    I’ve tried a few cauliflower crust recipes, they’re fun aren’t they? Laura@Sprint2theTables is my current favourite.
    Whoah, I need to try sweet taters for a topping. Sounds incredible.

    Girl,you are so freakin pretty & BUFF in your piccies!


    • Aww you are so sweet! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it so far hehe.

      Yeah seriously the sweet potato was incredible as a topping. I’m even thinking of using a chia/blueberry compote/jam thing as a topping for a dessert recipe…

      Thanks for stopping by Sarah!

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