high five friday!

Starting off, I wanted to thank Meg so much for including me in her High Five Friday! She is such an incredible sweetheart and her blog is one of my favorites. She talks about things that not many fitness bloggers talk about. Her posts on intuitive eating lately have been incredibly powerful. So thanks so much Meg, you spread so much support through your weekly high fives!

I live in a three bedroom apartment and my wall faces the sunlight. This means that basically at any given time, my room is about 7 degrees warmer. This is great during the winter but lately it’s been quite sunny… so my body has totally been tricked into thinking that it’s summer. Not so great for my studying habits. But it’s kind of hilarious because I will wake up and happily gulp down my oats but by the time lunch rolls around… I have total summer food cravings.

So today I whipped up some guacamole with roma tomato chunks, salad shrimp, and a bit of bulgur. Nothing spectacular but avocado porn is always welcome on the internet, non? I put so much raw garlic in here which was so amazing at the time but now I can probably live in Mystic Falls and be totally safe. I’ve gargled what feels like an entire Listerine bottle to no avail.

I’m so excited for this blog. I even got myself the obligatory food blogger Anthropologie initial mug. (Please excuse the coffee stains… ) I think it’s hilarious that this initial mug is supposedly the male version.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday and gets to do something fun!


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