kale for daysss

I’ve got a ton of reviewing to go over this weekend cause I have a massive Anatomy test on Monday which means of course that I took many little breaks to prepare nomsy feasts to distract myself.

Among today’s eats was a kale salad inspired by my sister’s own creation. My version included olive oil massaged dinosaur kale, chopped red onion, a small roma tomato, lots of lemon juice, a couple spoonfuls of bulgur, and chopped up chicken that i seasoned with tandoori spices, chili powder, and cracked black pepper. All of these flavors combined beautifully.

For dinner, there was the inevitable return of the cauliflower crust pizza! I had some leftovers I wanted to use up and it worked much better this time since I remembered to oil the pan. I added some rosemary chicken on top and my tummy is happy. I love my Anthropologie plate :)

Now back to the flashcards…

  1. Haha I’m dumb. Also yayy anthro plates!

  2. Anonymous said:

    That pizza looks delicious! Could you write a blog about how you got started lifting?? I would love to start – but I have no idea what equipment to get or what to do!

  3. akansha said:

    Ah you have a blog too! You should post more :)

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