Hey guys, I’m Anan and welcome to my little nook in this corner of the Internet.

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I’m a soon-to-be 22 (Dec 23rd!) year old soon-to-be (graduating mid-December) UC San Diego graduate with a BS in Social Pyschology. In Spring 2012, I discovered a wonderful world of healthy living including completely revamping my view towards food and fitness. I went from being a certified couch potato to a heavy weight lifter. Well, heavy for me ;) So I’ve decided to follow my passion and dreams and pursue a study of nutrition instead and become a registered dietitian.

I’m moving from Southern California to Northern California (where I’m originally from!) and I will be taking pre-req nutrition Masters programs classes. I am unbelievably scared and excited for this next phase of my life and I’m itching to get started. Health is such a huge part of my life. It has made me a stronger worker, more passionate, and more grateful for the wonderful things and supportive people I am lucky to have in my life. I have never felt physically and emotionally better.

I love eating and cooking clean and trying out new recipes. I love strength training and the occasional run. Other passions include tea, Taylor Swift songs, tricking junk-food eating people into eating my healthy recipes without them realizing the nutritional value (sorry boyfriend!), computer games, knitting, early mornings before anyone else is awake, fashion, boys’ teeshirts, scented candles, and Amazon Prime.

So enjoy as I document the major strug-fest I call my life and stay sane :]

Also, I put cinnamon in everything. You’ve been warned.


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